• Paragon Plasters:

    Creating a stable, solid look while conveying a sense of artistry was the trick here. Going with a refined, semi-serifed font and the playfulness of the icon creates an overall sense of design awareness and professionalism.

  • HotLox:

    HotLox wanted to specfic colors and left the rest to me. I created a structured typographical heirarchy while going outside of the box by creating a letter "x" with a pair of open scissors. This gives a a sense of solid design but shows a sense of spontaneousness.

  • Prove it or Remove it.com

    Following the client's already existing color scheme was imperative on this project. Keeping it simple, I placed emphasis on capatilizing parts of the url to give the viewer resting areas throughout the address. Also, I replaced the "o" with a trashcan which makes the service more memorable.